Burglars Caught by Candy Wrapper Trail

Police followed a trail of candy wrappers to the thief

Wikimedia/Jeffrey O. Gustafson

Four people are in the running for this year’s silliest criminals prize after leaving police a handy trail of snacks that led right to their hideout.

A Little League concession stand in Rolando Park, in La Mesa, Calif., was burglarized around midnight on Thursday. When police arrived at the scene, however, they "found a trail of chips, candy, and other snacks leading away from the scene and up the street," said La Mesa police Sgt. Colin Atwood.

According to U-T San Diego, the authorities followed the handy trial of junk food wrappers from the ransacked snack stand to a house two blocks away, where they found a cash register and other items belonging to the concession stand, as well as a car full of even more snacks.

At the end of the trail, police found a man, two women, and a girl, all whom they promptly arrested on burglary charges.