Free Fries, Green Ketchup at Burger King This Weekend

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, the company is giving out free fries with a green twist

Burger King

St. Patrick's Day revelers will be hitting the bars this weekend, and while green drinks are all the rage, Burger King is trying to get in on the action with some green ketchup. The green Shamrock Shake is, after all, McDonald's territory.

This weekend Burger King is giving out "a 'pot' of golden-brown, crispy french fries" along with a "one-of-a-kind, green St. Paddy's Sauce from Heinz."

It sounds a little disgusting but Huffington Post reports that it's just green ketchup. Burger King reps tell us the "St. Paddy’s Sauce gets its green color from FDA-approved yellow and blue food colorant that is added to the condiment during the manufacturing process." So food coloring. It'll be perfect for your post-St. Patty's Day hangover.