Woman Gets Bag of Cash from Burger King Drive-Thru

Burger King employee messes up order, gives big bag of cash

A New Hampshire woman says her local Burger King accidentally gave her more than $2,000 instead of the sandwich she ordered.

A New Hampshire woman got a big surprise this weekend when a Burger King employee accidentally messed up her order and handed her a big bag of cash instead of the sandwich she asked for.

According to the Associated Press, Janelle Jones of Rochester, N.H., had ordered a sweet tea and a spicy chicken sandwich from a local Burger King on Friday afternoon. On her way home, however, Jones reached into the bag and found that it did not have a sandwich in it at all. Instead there was just a 100-dollar bill and a bank deposit bag full of cash.

Jones says the bag contained $2,631, and she and her husband briefly considered keeping it but decided not to. She and her husband told their local paper that they are Jehova’s Witnesses and said “Jehova sees everything.”


The Burger King manager reportedly thanked Jones for bringing the bag back and offered her five free meals out of gratitude.