Burger King to Challenge McRib with Rib Sandwich

Burger King will unveil its summer menu Thursday, and it will include a McRib rival

The fast food chain is launching a boneless rib burger.

McRib fans waiting for the limited-edition sandwich to return can rest easy, as they're getting a replacement this summer from rival Burger King.

USA Today reports that Burger King is unveiling its summer menu plans this Thursday, complete with another limited-edition BK Rib Sandwich, bonless like a McRib and served with a "tangy sauce" with "sweet bread and butter pickles."

The rib sandwich hits Burger Kings nationwide May 21, alongside the Memphis Pulled Pork sandwiches, sweet potato fries, and a new BBQ Chicken Salad. Also on the docket: Oreo-infused desserts, which we're ALL ABOUT, especially if they're frozen.

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The products will only be available through summer, but the rib sandwich has been testing on the markets for some 10 months, a representative said. The recommended price for a sandwich is $3.49 ($5.59 for a meal), but McDonald's isn't concerned. "We know our customers love McRib and we won't disappoint them," spokeswoman Danya Proud told USA Today. "It will be returning." Now if we can just get a rib sandwich taste-off between the two, we'll be set.