Buffalo Wings Most Popular for Game Day

In a recent reader poll, Buffalo wings were voted the best Super Bowl snack
Buffalo Wings Most Popular for Game Day
Maryse Chevriere

So we all know not to bring salads to a Super Bowl party, but if you're blanking on what to bring, readers voted Buffalo wings as their favorite Super Bowl party food.

In our recent poll, Buffalo wings got 58 percent of the vote, spinach artichoke dip received 19 percent, and potato skins received 13 percent.

The least popular, tying with 5 percent each, were mini hot dogs and the crudités platter.

Luckily for nutritionists, the crudités platter still gets eaten; a recent Wall Street Journal article points out that carrot consumption jumps 25 percent on Super Bowl Sunday.

But if you're looking to be Mr. or Ms. Popular come Game Day, definitely bring a platter of wings. You can never have too much, and we've even rounded up seven creative wing recipes just for the big day.

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