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Buffalo Bleu Cheese Fries

Staff Writer
Jane Bruce

A plate of hot, spicy, and crispy wings with a side of bleu cheese dressing pretty much steals the show of any football Sunday. But when you think about it, it’s really that combination of hot sauce and cheese dressing that makes it what they are, so why not substitute the chicken wings for some steaming hot fries, like in this recipe? Even your vegetarian friends will be happy fans.

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Deliver Ingredients


  • 1 1/2 frozen fries, baked or deep-fried
  • 4 Tablespoons buffalo sauce
  • 2 Tablespoons bleu cheese dressing
  • Crumbled bleu cheese, for garnish


In a small bowl, toss the fries and the buffalo sauce together. Add the fry-buffalo sauce mixture to a fry boat or a shallow bowl. Top with the dressing and garnish with crumbled bleu cheese.

Cheese Fries Shopping Tip

Stocking up on no-cook items like cheese, nuts, olives, crackers, and dips will cut down on prep time and help ensure you have enough food for any unexpected guests.

Cheese Fries Cooking Tip

When preparing appetizers try to avoid repetition of similar foods and flavors - aim for variety in textures, colors, and cooking methods.