5 Tips for a Budget-Friendly Bridal Shower

How to host a beautiful party without breaking the bank

White Bridal Shower

You don’t have to spend a fortune to throw a bridal shower that’s every bit as gorgeous as the photos you see in this post. Why? Because, in this case, it’s all about the presentation. Whatever do I mean? Well, every single food item you see displayed in this ethereal, romantic white bridal shower was purchased at the grocery store. No trips to the patisserie or ATM necessary! 

What’s the trick?  It’s all in how you put it together. Here’s my advice.

1. Choose the Right Color Palette

For sophistication, I don’t think you can go wrong with bridal white. Many sweets will coordinate, and all you’ll have to do is what I did — arrange them in neat and delightful little collections on cake plates, tea stands, and platters in white and silver. Keeping just one kind of item per platter and arranging the platters together makes an instantly appealing arrangement.

2. Play up the Color

If you have a white palette, use a white runner or tablecloth, white napkins, white plates, even white candles if you like. Layering your chosen hue will add a powerful punch.

3. Double-Duty Décor

Speaking of napkins, this next little tip is one of my favorites. I went to one of those local costume jewelry places and bought those elastic, multi-strand bracelets in silver. Then I wrapped them around sleek rolled napkins to create something chic on the buffet that also serves as a girly guest favor for the ladies! Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little double-duty from your décor.

4. Budget-Friendly Treats

Even the cakes you see here were from the bakery section of a big box grocery store. Of course you are welcome and encouraged to bake your own if you love your oven like I do. I’m just sayin’, if you’re a busy lady who likes a bargain, you can do a lot by simply presenting things with a bit of panache.

To dress up the cakes, I simply added rings of airy macaroons to one cake and conversation hearts in white to the top of the other. When we sliced the cake, everyone got a little sweet treat on the side. It's a lovely finishing touch that costs just pennies. 

Now, of course you want to make sure you’re looking for quality in all the items you purchase. Check freshness dates and ask the baker on duty what the specialties are. Also, if you plan in advance, you may be able to request something they bake in-house to be customized to your color palette, possibly at no extra charge.

5. Sparkling Cocktails


Don’t forget to add a few bottles of refreshing prosecco or cava to your shopping list. It’s bubbly, budget-friendly, and a few sips make everything look more fabulous! (Photos courtesy of William Geddes)