Bruster's Real Ice Cream Opens First Store Abroad

The ice cream parlor scoops up cool treats in Guyana

Bruster’s opened its first international shop in Guyana this Thursday, introducing the South American country to the American chain’s ice cream and ice cream cakes. The Guyanese took particular liking to the tropical flavors like mango ginger ice cream, made with fresh fruit from a Guyanese market.

Since it first opened in 1989, the Bruster’s franchise has become one of the fastest expanding ice cream chains in the United States, growing from a small family owned store in Bridgewater, Pa., to more than 220 locations throughout the US. Opening day sales were reported at $1.06 million Guyanese dollars, or $5,000 U.S., according to a company press release.

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream isn’t stopping its international expansion with Guyana; their goal is to continue to serve "world class premium ice cream… to an underserved market" said director Selwin George. Bruster’s plans to open 14 more stores across the Caribbean, with locations including Jamaica, Barbados, and Suriname, as well as Trinidad and Tobago.