Bruce Springsteen Made Special Demands for His Pre-Show Meal

Before the London Hyde Park show, Springsteen feasted on turkey and mashed potatoes
Wikimedia Commons/Craig O'Neal

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen is getting picky — and about more than just his guitar, according to an article from The Daily Star.

For his London Hyde Park show Saturday, Springsteen had 18 rooms for himself, his crew, and his band, including a family room, a playroom, a warm-up room, and a stretching studio.

His rooms included candles and lavender incense, while his wife Patti always requests soy milk, green tea, and energy supplements. 

Springsteen and his crew dined together before the show with a Thanksgiving-like menu.

Included on the table were turkey breast, mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, cranberries, and vegetables with one order: specifically no sweet corn.

Another demand — no plastic silverware. 

According to The Daily Star’s source, "Bruce feels plastic cutlery is unacceptable."

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