Brooklyn Residents Start Wedding Registry for Sandy Relief

A team working for Hurricane Sandy relief started a wedding registry to let people know what supplies are needed

Who knew wedding registries could be useful outside of the "furnishing new apartments for newlyweds" zone? The Occupy Sandy team (an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street), which has been working to deliver relief items to Hurricane Sandy victims, has started a wedding registry to help them get the necessary items.

The Occupy Sandy's wedding registry on Amazon has crucial items like diapers, trash bags, cleaning supplies, gloves, blankets, and more, making it much easier for people to donate. The genius method of getting necessary supplies allows people to know where their money is going, while making sure the relief team has enough trash bags and diapers, without overstocking on one supply.

Donate by sending items off the registry to the Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew at 520 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. 11238.The registry team is comprised of three Brooklyn residents in touch with Occupy Sandy, Alex Nordenson, Katherine Dolan, and John Heggestuen, who came up with the idea while volunteering with Occupy Sandy.

"My friends and I talked about how we could improve the donation system while were walking to the store to buy some food for meals. My friend Alex said something to the effect of 'we need something like a wedding registry.' I thought it was a great idea and my gears started turning," Heggestuen told The Daily Meal in an email.

Up next? Setting up an inventory management team to keep track of donations, and getting Amazon to help with getting solid numbers, plus free shipping and delivery. The team asks that volunteers tweet @amazon to get the movement on the corporate's radar.


Even better? The Occupy Sandy "couple's" style is listed as warm, non-perishable. We imagine those fancy whiskey ice cube trays you were eyeing as your next wedding gift are out of the question. Opt for a water pump instead.