British Couple Loses 200 Pounds Combined for Their Wedding


The happy couple poses after their extreme weight loss just in time for a walk down the aisle.

A British couple from Bristol have taken the term “wedding diet” to a new extreme by losing a combined 196 pounds just in time for their wedding. Lee Coggins, the groom, weighed 354 pounds, while Kim James weighed 276 pounds, and both used to eat extremely unhealthy meals of garlic bread, two large pizzas, ice cream and three bags of chocolate, washed down with beer and wine for dinner, according to the Daily Mail.

James said that she came to the shocking revelation after she saw a photo of herself with her future husband and their two young daughters, one of whom was a newborn at the time, and was shocked by the image. She refused to show the photo to anyone due to embarrassment.

“I always knew I was overweight but until I saw the photo I didn't realize just how bad it had become,” said James. “The hardest part was it was a photo with my two girls, one of whom was brand new.”

We wonder if the couple used The Daily Meal's best diets for brides-to-be.

Either way, James said that many of their wedding guests did not even recognize the couple.


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