Bourbon Drinkers Not Only Sexy, but Also the Best Tippers

A survey from Restaurant Sciences found that brown whiskey drinkers tended to leave the best tips

Bartenders must love whiskey drinkers; a new survey from Restaurant Sciences found that drinkers of bourbon and blended whiskey tended to tip the most percentage-wise, while Scotch drinkers tended to have the highest checks.

The survey, which crunched numbers from 4 million checks for alcohol-specific checks, found that customers who drank cordials/liqueurs and rum all night tended to tip the least percentage-wise (19.66 percent and 19.81 percent, respectively). Bourbon drinkers, however, tipped 22.69 percent on average, while those who preferred blended whiskey tipped just .02 percent lower.


Of course, when it comes to the amount of money made from tips, wine drinkers and Scotch drinkers are the best guests. Wine drinkers, while tipping 20.32 percent, racked up an average bill 25 percent higher than liquor drinkers. Scotch drinkers also gave $13.91 in tips on average, compared to bourbon's $9.60 average tip, probably due to some top-notch prices. But of course, most drinkers have been tipping their bartenders properly. "Whether consumers ordered beers, wine, or spirits, they generally tipped an above-average amount of more than 20 percent per check," Restaurant Sciences president Chuck Ellis said in a release.