Boston Market Introduces Ribs

It’s the biggest new food launch for the chain in 6 years

Boston Market

Boston Market has shaken up its food menu for the first time in six years, with the addition of a new menu item that you typically don’t find at casual dining chain restaurants: ribs.

According to The Huffington Post, the chain, which has 471 locations nationwide, will be the only one selling St. Louis-style ribs, as opposed to the baby back ribs usually found at similar restaurants. St. Louis ribs are meatier than baby backs. The ribs will be smoked, baked, and basted with a barbecue sauce that they developed in-house.

"It's a new product that will appeal to a wide audience," CEO George Michel told The Huffington Post. "Ribs are not a product most people feel comfortable cooking at home."

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Apparently, the brand tested out ribs along with a few other potential menu additions, including sandwich wraps and beef. The ribs were tested out in Buffalo, N.Y., Baltimore, and Virginia, and emerged victorious.