Boston Clam Chowder Now Available in Instant Ramen Form

Nissin Cup Noodle has introduced a Boston clam chowder flavor

Nissin Cup Noodle has introduced a new, extra large size cup of Boston Clam Chowder with noodles to its instant ramen line.

Clam chowder purists might be stunned by the idea of instant ramen noodles in their chowder, but Japan now has a creamy new flavor of instant ramen--noodles and all--modeled after the classic Boston clam chowder.

According to Rocket News 24, Nissin Cup Noodle’s newest product is called the Big Cup Noodle Seafood Clam Chowder, and it has the traditional dried ramen noodles in a thick, creamy, white chowder broth. It has clams, of course, and also carrots, potato, egg, and cabbage.

The clam chowder ramen is part of Cup Noodle’s “Big” line, which showcases international-inspired soup recipes packaged into much larger than normal instant noodle packaging. The extra large cups of noodles include Thai massaman curry noodles and Singaporean-style chili crab ramen.

It remains to be seen if the Cup Noodle chowder can effectively reproduce the flavor of Boston clam chowder, but the new soup has already gone on sale in Japanese convenience stores for $1.85 apiece.