Bookstore Bar: Best Hotel Bar in Seattle

Best Hotel Bar in Seattle

Located in the historic Alexis Hotel The Bookstore Bar is a “Seattle must.”

The intimate spot is located on First Avenue and features a beautiful set up. Giant windows are perfect for seeing out to the historic Seattle neighborhood and the qient ambiance is the perfect place to talk or read a book.

In need of reading material? Have no fear, as the name suggests, the bar doubles as a bookstore, with all books selling for $5 a piece.

If the atmosphere wasn’t enough to reel you in, the drinks surely will. With a towering menu of full beer and wine selections, this bar would already please many, but add in their cocktail menu including drinks like a “Puddle Jumper” made with Bulleit Bulleit rye whiskey, carpano antica, green chartreuse and cynar whiskey, or the 20th century London made with Voyager Voyager gin, lemon juice, crème de cacao and lillet blanc, this place is downright irresistible.