Bobby Flay Reveals More Details on Gato, Opening Soon

His newest New York restaurant will be opening in February

Flay is hard at work on his next New York project.

Bobby Flay’s newest New York restaurant, called Gato, has been under construction on Lafayette Street since this summer, but we haven’t learned too much about it since news first broke back in July that it would focus on "Mediterranean as well as Spanish fare." We had the opportunity to learn more details from Flay, who calls the 147-seat restaurant "the most important thing I’ve done in 10 years."

"It is going to be different from Bolo," he said, harkening back to his much-missed first restaurant. "It’s going to be inspired by the ghost of Bolo, but it's not just going to be only Spain. It's going to be Spain, all Mediterranean countries — France, Italy, even North Africa — little things like using harissa and couscous, preserved lemons, and things like that. I'm going to have a wood-burning oven so there will be some flatbreads and pizzas, different pasta dishes, rice dishes, paellas."


This represents what Flay calls "the next version of Bolo," and if all goes to plan it should be open by the first week of February.