Photo Blueberries Modified: Flickr/Daniella Segura/CC 4.0

Blueberry Pie on a Cornmeal Crust and More Recipes

In today's Weekly Recipe Review, lychee martinis, and the perfect Bloody Mary

Photo Blueberries Modified: Flickr/Daniella Segura/CC 4.0

What to do with this season's blueberries?

Check out our editors' picks for the best recipes from food sections across the country.

NY Times
Nothing tastes like summer quite like blueberry pie.

LA Times
A simple rigatoni in mushroom sauce is all you'll need for a lovely weeknight dinner. Pair with wine.

SF Chronicle
A Bloody Mary gets an interesting twist with some balsamic vinegar. Surprising, but complementary.

Difficult word, delectable dessert: Zwetschgendatschi, or plum cake.

Chicago Tribune
A lychee martini takes a classic and gives it a fruity twist. Blasphemy to some, delicious to others.

Seattle Times
Slow grilled salmon with cucumber creme fraiche? Sounds like something to impress your guests.

Kitchen Daily
Win our hearts by making this open-face omelet with zucchini the morning after.

Portland Press Herald
If we went vegan, at least we'd be able to eat eggless potato salad (a guilty pleasure).

Washington Post
Forget popcorn in a bag; make your own herbed popcorn for those Friday movie nights.

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Wall Street Journal
Seriously every favorite summer ingredient is in this salad: wax beans, cucumbers, and blackberries.