'Bizarre Foods' App Shows You Where to Eat Like Andrew Zimmern

Just like the 'Layover' app, but weirder

Less than a month after the new Layover app was announced, MapMuse has released travel-food app of its own. The Bizarre Foods Locator app from MapMuse is exactly like the Layover app, but with a different show, featuring some 700 restaurants where host Andrew Zimmern has eaten.

According to the press release, "Although the name and approximate location of each featured restaurant and activity is provided at some point during episode, finding their exact addresses and phone numbers requires painstaking research. The Bizarre Foods Locator provides all of this information, as well as a handful of other handy features aimed to enrich user experience."

Citing at least 10 Bizarre Foods locations in Manhattan alone, MapMuse owner Mike Pilon calls the app "a bit like a highly specialized Yelp for Bizarre Foods fans."

This means user reviews and photos will be part of the app, as well as driving directions, links, episode recaps, and a summary of what Zimmern ate. The app retails for $2.99 for Apple gadgets. Team Zimmern or Team Bourdain? The latter's app has music playlists and etiquette tips; the former has places where you can forage for beetles.