Beyoncé's Favorite Foods on the Road

Since the birth of Blue Ivy 6 months ago, Beyoncé has been under the radar, until now

Beyonce, repping her husband's famed, eye of the pyramid sign, while on the road.

We all know Beyoncé loves good food. But while we’ve chronicled her favorite foods in the past, we haven’t seen much of the Queen B since the birth of her little princess Blue Ivy. 

Beyonce eats while touring the road with her friends and family.

But Beyoncé has resurfaced, taking to her Tumblr blog, I AM, to capture all of her preferred activities of late, including a few foods from her Southern home of Texas.

When she’s not glittering on the stage in one of her infamous numbers, singing along with thousands of fans while watching her husband Jay-Z perform on tour, or hanging low while filming a music video, she makes time for her daughter, family, and friends — all while enjoying some good food.

Take a peek at Beyoncé on the road and at home, living life one great meal at a time.