Bewitching Confections at Salem's Harbor Sweets

Prepare for Halloween with these festive treats

Salem, Massachusetts. One mention of this north shore town and visions of witches, ghouls and Halloween come to mind but what you might not realize is this historic town is also home to one of the sweetest places on earth – Harbor Sweets. The confectionary first opened here in 1973 and has been producing some of the state’s best chocolate ever since. We love their Sweet Sloop, an almond butter crunch sailboat — white chocolate floating in dark chocolate with pecan washing its sides. There are more than two million handmade goodies sold each year and after one bite of a Harbor Sweet chocolate, you will soon be hooked.

While most New Englanders flock to Salem during the fall, Harbor Sweet is already busy creating their Christmas confections, which include The Christmas Lighthouse made with 24 Sweet Sloops and a Christmas Calendar where you can open a box each day and unveil Sweet Sloops, Sand Dollars, Sweet Shells and Marblehead mints. The sweet store is now entering its high season, so be sure to place your orders early this year.

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