Betty White Is Really Good at Throwing Wine

When a Real Housewife teaches you how to throw a glass of wine, you're in
Drink Slaps: The Supercut

Few insults are worse than a drink thrown in your face. Here's how to do it right (or in some examples, wrong). Produced by Jessica Chou.

Get on it, Betty White.

In case you were wondering, we really appreciate a good drink slap to the face. And we really appreciate Betty White because, well duh — and so we really appreciate Betty White mastering the drink slap.

With some help from Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member and star of The New Normal NeNe Leakes, Betty White learns the art of wine-tossing on her show Betty White's Off Their Rockers. Cue to the end of the clip of Leakes and White and you realize that the wine they're throwing isn't just landing on the camera — it's also landing on castmate Michael Yama. (White said to him at the end: "She’s gonna teach me how to throw a table at you next!" We would be scared.) 

Check out the clip of White and Leakes, and practice on your own with our helpful ode to the drink slap.