Betty Crocker Donates Cakes to First Gay Couples Married in Minnesota

The famous baking company will provide cakes for first three couples married August 1st

We wouldn't mind a Betty Crocker cake at our wedding!

As gay marriage becomes officially legal beginning Thursday, August 1st, Betty Crocker, the infamous baking company owned by General Mills, will provide wedding presents and cakes to the happy couples in Minnesota, where the company is based. A tasting was recently held at the Betty Crocker Kitchen headquarters in Golden Valley, Minnesota for the first three couples to be married this week.
According to the Huffington Post, this giving act is part of The Families Project, an initiative that celebrates the evolution of today’s “modern family.”
General Mills has openly supported gay rights for a while now, such as launching the Lucky To Be Campaign using the Lucky Charms rainbow marshmallow to symbolize gay pride at various events. We are glad to see such a massive company publicly supporting their customers' rights and donating gifts to enhance their experience as they celebrate them.