31 Simple Recipes Because The Holidays Are Difficult Enough

Ahh the holidays: a season of cheer, family and friends, good will to all men — and holiday stress. It is a time of year that is loved and celebrated by many but equally a time when stress levels can shoot through the roof. With so much pressure to be jolly and festive in everything from festive cocktails, cookies, and canapes to ugly sweaters and gift giving, it is essential to have some easy recipes up your sleeve.

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Of course, for a few particular holiday meals, stress may be unavoidable. Those meals where every pot and pan in the house is called to action, the sink is piled high with dishes to be done and sleeping in through the morning of is out of the question. But that need not be the case for every meal. If you have a house full of family and friends who need to be fed, you need only turn to the right recipes in order to achieve delicious, stress-free meals that everyone will love. You can look to your trusty sheet pan or turn on your humble slow-cooker and whip up something delicious in no time.

From tasty appetizers and one-tray recipes to simple yet stunning meals for effortless dinner parties, these recipes will aid you during this rather hectic time of year. Discover these 31 simple and tasty recipes and enjoy a low-stress (if not totally stress-free) holiday season!