The Best Places to Watch Baseball

Where mega-fans can go to throw one back and root for their favorite team

Sometimes even die-hard baseball fans miss out on getting tickets to a big game. Can't make it to Phoenix for the All-Star game, for example? Not to worry — there is still a place where decked-out-in-gear enthusiasts can congregate to cheer on the players representing their beloved team. That place, of course, is the sports bar.

But not just any kind of sports bar. We're talking about the places for the I-live-for-the-[insert baseball team name here] fan. Those watering holes where memorabilia cakes the walls, team jerseys are like an unspoken dress code requirement, and big screen(s) are always front and center. Places like the famous Yankee Tavern in New York City — just steps from the stadium — which always packs in a pinstripe-clad crowd on game day. Or divey Dallas favorite, Milo Butterfingers, which can always be counted on for at least two things: cheap drinks and TVs screening the Rangers game. 

From New York and Boston to Chicago and Los Angeles, check out these top spots for local fans to take in the ballgame. 

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