The Best Places for a Beer in Kansas City

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From beer gardens to tap rooms, a beer lover's dream in Kansas City

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There's no shortage of good beer gardens, bars, tap rooms, and brewerys in Kansas City. shares its favorite places for a beer: 

"Grunauer, an Austrian restaurant in the Crossroads Arts District, has one of the best beer gardens in the country, according to Food & Wine magazine," says 

"The beer selection at Flying Saucer Draught Emporium... is borderline absurd." Look for a new beer on tap ever Thursday at 7 p.m.

"At Bier Station, a new beer bar in Waldo, owner John Couture has hired a staff of beer enthusiasts — not to be confused with beer snobs — who allow customers to taste samples of beers before committing to a pint." That means plenty of six-packs and growlers, with a dedicated staff to help you find the right beer.

"...A wall of bamboo secludes the drinking patio at Haus... where you can wash down poutine and handmade sausages from Local Pig with a wide assortment of European beer." 

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