The Best of...Summer Weddings!

Without a doubt, summer is the most popular wedding season, so check out our Pinterest board for ideas
The Daily Meal's Best of Summer Weddings.
Pinterest/The Daily Meal

The Daily Meal's Best of Summer Weddings.

Let’s face it, you’re probably attending at least two weddings this summer, if not having one of your own. Summer is peak time for nuptials for the obvious reasons — weather, flowers, and more outdoor photo opportunities — and we’re excited for wedding season over here at The Daily Meal.

So what does a summer wedding entail? Outdoor locations for one, bright hues, shorter hem lengths, and eccentric and eclectic menus. The Daily Meal’s dream "big day" would probably include a barbecue pit during the cocktail hour, a kale salad for our power-green loving editors, peonies in bright hues, a band instead of a DJ, and a dessert table to die for — oh, and we wouldn’t mind Ryan Gosling as the groom. Simple — no big deal; we’re easy to please. 

Whether you’re on board with our nuptial dreams or not, head over to our Best of Summer Weddings board on Pinterest for more ideas. If you’re a bride or groom, congratulations! We wish you good fun, great laughs, even better drinks, a killer honeymoon, and memories to last you a lifetime!