10 Best Duty-Free Airports for Food & Drink

Looking to avoid taxes? Here are the top shops to do so around the world

These shops offer everything from luxury goods to local artisan foods.

Duty-free shops are a trip indulgence enjoyed by many travelers throughout the world. These airport shops sell products that are exempt from certain local or national taxes and duties, which in turn gives consumers a deal on popular (and typically luxury) products. As most travelers know, some of the most popular duty-free items include tobacco, perfumes, and high-end fashion brand clothing, but they also typically include food and beverages.

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We compiled a list of some of the world’s best duty-free shops in airports around the world. These airports offer a wide variety of souvenir and luxury goods, and many take up a significant amount of retail space in the airport terminals. Many bring in a significant amount of revenue, like Dubai International Airport, the leading duty-free retailer, which made nearly $408 million in profits in 2012.

Some airports, like Schiphol in Amsterdam, have local goods available, like tulips and artisan foods like Dutch chocolate. Charles de Gaulle in Paris is known for its variety of artisan jams and fine wines. Other airports sell a wide variety of alcohol, like at the World of Whiskies in London's Heathrow. Considering each airport’s offerings, we ranked the following list of airports based on the amount and variety of food and drink retail for sale.  


Even though they may offer a deal by dropping the tax, many of these airport finds will still cost you a pretty penny. Either way, click on the slideshow to not miss the best duty-free food and beverage shops the next time that you’re in one of these airports!