The Daily Meal's Best-Dressed Chefs

Beneath the white coats of these chefs, there is some fashion sense. Who knew?

"Best-Dressed" usually describes celebrities on the red carpet, fashionistas, or the popular girl in high school, but it doesn't often precede the word "chef." Well, there are in fact a few culinary professionals out there who deserve to be noted for their chic sense of style. Cue The Daily Meal’s collection of the best-dressed chefs. This list includes those chefs who, sure, might bask in the spotlight from time to time, but are more or less found on the line their kitchens, chef coat-clad, furrow-browed, cooking up a storm — and somehow, they manage to do it all with style.

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Though in past years chefs weren’t seen regularly strolling the red carpet, times have changed — these ladies and gents have become household names and have the opportunity to showcase their personal sense of fashion, sans the chefs’ whites, on a regular basis at events like the James Beard Awards, the Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival, and on television appearances.

Creating this list wasn’t an easy task — sure, this group can make a killer osso bucco, truffled anything, and in Christina Tosi’s case, crack pie, but can they pull off a thin-lapelled dinner tux or lace-up booties? After an intensive research process (who sees them without their chef whites?), here is The Daily Meal's en vogue culinary crew of 2012.