Best Cocktails for Memorial Day

Start summer off right with great memorial day cocktails

Refreshment with a kick.

Whether you’re heading off to a weekend at the beach, you’re grilling poolside, or you’re just staying home for an extra — much needed — day of rest and relaxation, we’ve got the perfect cocktail for your Memorial Day weekend. 

Best Cocktails for Memorial Day (Slideshow)

While each of these cocktails has distinctive traits, they all have one thing in common: these tipples are thoroughly refreshing.

Looking for the perfect drink to sip all day? Try this delightful patio pounder, called the Beers' Knees, from Aviation Gin:

As we move into summer, the desire for syrupy, thick drinks and heavy, smoky cocktails vanishes, and we find ourselves seraching for light cocktails with fruit bases, cocktails that are just as good during the daytime as they are at night, and those that work well in a big pitcher so guests can just go ahead and serve themselves – once the weather starts to heat up, the less effort expended, the better.

Ideal as before or after-dinner drinks, these will also pair well — although you should also consider trying our Memorial Day weekend white wine suggestion.

Sargeant Sake

This drink is gluten free and contains no sulfites, tannins or preservatives — you can create delicious coladas and margaritas all weekend long without a headache to hold you back!  This is one great skinny cocktail to sip all summer long, guilt-free!

Click here for the Sargeant Sake Recipe.

Mango Mimosa

Belvedere just launched a wonderful new flavor: Belvedere Mango Passion. Ideal for poolside lounging and outdoor barbeques, Mango Passion is summer in a bottle – the perfect chilled refreshment for the warm days ahead.

Click here for the Mango Mimosa Recipe.


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