The Best Cherry Pie Recipe

Best Cherry Pie Recipe

We’ve created a simple and easy-to-prepare recipe that is sure to become a new favorite.

Celebrated on the third Monday of February every year, Presidents Day honors all the American presidents, most notably George Washington and Abraham Lincoln; both of whom were born in the month. Traditionally, many celebrate the special day with desserts made with cherries.[related]

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Cherry cake, bread made of cherries, or simply a huge bowl of cherries are often eaten on this day. Cherry pies, however, are baked fresh and eaten across the country to celebrate the legend of Washington not telling a lie when asked if he cut down a cherry tree.

Cherry pie is a classic American pie. We’ve created a simple and easy-to-prepare recipe that is sure to become a new favorite — on Presidents Day or not. For this recipe, you can use fresh pitted or frozen cherries. The tart cherries pair perfectly with a sprinkling of sweet sugar covered in a flakey and buttery crust.

So, make sure that you celebrate this Presidents Day with a delicious cherry pie recipe. Honor all the American presidents with this traditional and very American treat, and be sure to always tell the truth about who ate the last slice.

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