The Best BPA-Free Water Bottles

Where to find the safest reusable water bottles

The safest reusable water bottles to buy.

Good news! Americans are finally drinking more water than the sugary drinks, like soda, we’ve grown accustomed to. We can’t argue with more people drinking water, but as more and more consumers are finding alternatives to pricey, not-so-eco-friendly bottled water, there’s a caveat — your reusable water bottle may be filled with more than crystal-clear H2O.

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It’s been a few years since news of BPA swept the nation. Exposure to BPA, or the chemical bisphenol A, is "widespread," thanks to the containers we’re eating and drinking out of — and it could have serious consequences, according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Services. Studies have linked BPA to some serious health effects, like certain cancers, reproductive problems, and behavioral problems in children to name just a few. And one Environmental Working Group (EWG) study found that BPA can be found in umbilical cords — so BPA can begin affecting children even in the womb.

Once everyone began to realize that water bottles, canned goods, and food containers could leach chemicals into the food and drink they’re holding, companies sought to make BPA-free containers. And in 2012, the FDA banned BPA from children’s cups and baby bottles, but that doesn’t mean your water bottles are always safe. BPA comes from polycarbonate bottles, so some of your old Nalgene bottles (arguably the biggest name brand to change its plastics to BPA-free materials in 2008) may still be BPA offenders. (How to know if your old water bottles or food containers are made from polycarbonate? Look for a "PC" marker, or #7 on recycling labels, the EWG advises).

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To help you steer clear of the harmful chemical, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite, BPA-free water bottles — ones you will feel uber cool carrying around. You’ll find that most of the bottles are made from stainless steel or glass; while the price tags may seem shocking at first, it sure beats paying for bottled water all the time. And the one plastic bottle on our list, Bobble, is made from BPA-free plastics, like recycled PET. You’ll drink safe knowing that your water bottle is chemical-free. Click ahead to find our picks.