The Berry Patch Smoothie

The Berry Patch Smoothie
The essential cold summer soup from Spain, gazpacho is made with fresh tomatoes, peppers, and country bread soaked in olive oil.

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

 Gazpacho is a Spanish classic, best made when juicy tomatoes are in season.

Ahoy, antioxidants! This smoothie hides the taste of the spinach, but not its benefits.


2 cups coconut water

1½ cups frozen mixed berries

½ cup of spinach (fresh or frozen)


Combine ingredients in blender (add liquids first)

Blend until smooth

Berry Shopping Tip

Buying fruits in season when they are at the peak of their freshness make for great tasting food and can save you money.

Berry Cooking Tip

Don’t throw out your overripe fruit – instead blend into a smoothie or salad dressing, add to muffin batter, bake into a cobbler, or boil down with sugar and a little lemon juice to make jam.