Ben & Jerry's Donates to Occupy Wall Street

They want OWS to regain movement

Americone Dream Ice Cream

Ice cream makers Ben & Jerry's are putting their hat in the Occupy Wall Street ring again. A new organization, Movement Resource Group, led by Ben & Jerry's Ben Cohen and former Nirvana manager Danny Goldberg, is raising money to pump life back into the populist movement.

As of now, the Wall Street Journal reports that they've raised up to $300,000 with a goal of $1.8 million.

Two-thirds of the $300,000 reportedly came from the Ben & Jerry's Foundation. "Many of us have been working for progressive social change," Cohen told the WSJ. "There's been a critical ingredient missing."
(We see what you did there.)

The funds will be granted to proposed projects from the OWS movement; applications start in March. And of course, some protestors aren't too happy about big businesses butting in. "They've re-created what's wrong with nonprofits and philanthropy structures," one said. But maybe we should add ice cream to our 5 Bites of Occupy Wall Street anyway.