Beer Table, Michael Jordan’s The Steak House Team Up for Grand Central Centennial Dinner

Dishes served were inspired by century-old fare
Beer Table's Justin Phillips
Dan Myers

Beer Table's Justin Phillips

Oysters Rockefeller and Delmonico steak are dishes that were popular 100 years ago but are rapidly disappearing from menus nationwide (like these other once-popular items). They were front and center this week, however, at a dinner hosted by Michael Jordan’s The Steak House and Beer Table Pantry, which are both located in Grand Central Terminal. The meal, which was served on a balcony overlooking the terminal’s world-famous concourse, was a part of the ongoing celebration to commemorate Grand Central’s centennial year.

Along with Oysters Rockefeller and Delmonico Steak (which was cut from the top part of the New York strip in this case), chef Cenobio Canalizo served up a maple-glazed bacon salad and a chocolate marble cake for dessert. Justin Phillips, who owns Beer Table Pantry as well as the original Beer Table in Park Slope, Brooklyn, paired each course with a beer specially selected for the occasion — not just any beers, though: ones brewed using Centennial hops.

"It was a very specific tasting that seemed like a challenge, but also just a fun way to pay homage to the Terminal," Phillips told The Daily Meal. The oysters were paired with Stone Leviathan Ale, bacon paired with Avery IPA, the steak was served alongside the strong Green Flash West Coast IPA, and for dessert, Phillips poured a rare Nogne O Batch 100, which is brewed in Norway, with the cake.


Like Beer Table Pantry, the Centennial Craft Beer dinner was a success. "It certainly generated some ideas for future tastings that follow a more specific style through the course of a meal," Phillips added.