Beer Company Buys Australian Island to Make Men-Only Destination

Pumpkin Island will be XXXX Island, filled with beer and "man caves"

Guys, we know you have it rough: women have unlimited resources for a girl's weekend or getaway, but where does that leave you for some quality bro time? Enter Australian XXXX beer company to solve all your problems.

The company announced last week that it planned to lease Pumpkin Island for three years, renaming it under its company name and transforming it into an ideal men-friendly destination. The small island, off the Great Barrier Reef, already hosts up to 30 guests in cottages on the water. Now, XXXX is looking to add bro-tastic amenities like a "unique beer system" and a golf course to cater to dudes. (Though, it is noted that female XXXX drinkers won't be banned from the resort per se.) The island will be a promotion tool, used as a giveaway prize for guys looking to get away with three friends to an island. (However, it's hardly the only place to get a good bite surfside in Australia.)

Bill Webb, regional sales director for XXXX parent company Lion beer, spirits, and wine, who works on the marketing campaign for the island, told the Brisbane Times it's about creating an experience for guys. "We've done some research and blokes don't get away as much as they used to, as much as they should," he said.

However, what's good for the boys may not be as good for the ecosystem, some activists say. One activist told ABC News he was concerned that overuse of alcohol (after all, this is a beer company) would damage the environment from boating accidents (i.e. a drunk passenger hitting a turtle with a jet ski). Some also worry it will be the "get wrecked on Great Keppel" debacle once again.