An Unknown Man Smoke-Bombed Bar Pitti

Rose McGowan witnessed the Bar Pitti smoke bomb

A man popped up out of a sewer grate and threw a smoke bomb into the restaurant.

Last night an unknown man came out of the sewer and attacked Bar Pitti, a well-known Italian restaurant in New York’s West Village, with what witnesses described as a pair of “smoke bombs.”

According to New York magazine, the man reportedly “popped up” from a sewer grate in the sidewalk and threw a smoke bomb or road flare into the restaurant’s outdoor patio. The smoke that poured out was red, but it did not injure anybody.

“I saw him come out — it was like Ninja Turtles,” said the manager of Da Silvano, the Italian restaurant next door to Bar Pitti. He said customers jumped up when the bombs started going off, and said the smoke stung their eyes.

“Dinner at Da Silvano...with a side of real life #CSI,” said Instagram user Andrea Tallent, who witnessed the attack.

Bar Pitti is known for being a good place to spot celebrities, and actress Rose McGowan witnessed the incident.

“Someone just threw two red smoke bombs into the restaurant I was eating in. Eyes are burning,” she posted on Twitter.

A restaurant employee reportedly picked up the smoke bomb and threw it back outside. The suspect escaped back down the sewer grate and has not been apprehended.

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