Baileys chips
Baileys via Amazon

Baileys Irish Cream Baking Chips Might Never Make It Into Cookies

These tasty non-alcoholic chips seem as much snack as ingredient

Baileys Irish Cream liqueur makes for a tasty winter warmup. But if you’re as much a fan of baking as beverages, check out this new pantry must-have. Baileys has partnered with Clabber Girl Corporation to create Baileys Original Irish Cream baking chips.

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Don’t get too excited, Baileys’ drinkers: The chips are non-alcoholic. But they still mix the indulgent flavor of Irish cream liqueur with semi-sweet chocolate. If you can’t think of enough ways to eat them, there’s a free digital downloadable cookbook of 23 recipes using the chips, featuring everything from granola to ganache icing. Still, we’re betting more than a few handfuls will make it into the cook’s mouth instead of the mixing bowl.

Baileys chips

Baileys and Clabber Girl Corporation

Sound like the company knows that the treats are tempting. “Eat them by the handful on-the-go or mix into your favorite baked good recipe, these chips deliver on the flavor and smell of Baileys,” a press release promises.

Baileys cookies

Baileys via Amazon
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The baking chips can be bought at a few select stores now, but will be nationally available for Easter 2019.  They’re also available on Amazon. If the thought of Bailey’s baking chips has you dreaming of a creamy drink, check out the 150 best bars in America for 2018.