Aziz Ansari, David Chang, and James Murphy Looking to Go to Spain

Ruth Reichl, however, may or may not be invited
James Murphy and Aziz Ansari at Great GoogaMooga 2012
Jane Bruce

James Murphy, Aziz Ansari, David Chang, and Ruth Reichl chatted at the Great GoogaMooga last Saturday.

If you haven't gotten enough of the David Chang/Aziz Ansari/James Murphy trio eating and drinking their way around any city (the first time, GQ brought them to Tokyo), you're in luck. The three celebrities are looking to hit up Spain next, they announced at their Extra Mooga panel this past weekend.

The first trip happened after the three tweeted a photo of themselves, and GQ responded. "I think it was a one-trick pony, though," James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem said. "We took another photo together and tweeted it... radio silence."

Of course, seeing as Brett Martin won a James Beard award for that piece, they noted that "there's an award out there for somebody."

As for their Tokyo trip, it seems like the three of them didn't get to eat in the legendary Sukiyabashi Jiro. "We tried to go to Jiro’s twice and got rejected," David Chang said." We went over just to see if we can have a kernel of rice or something."

Ruth Reichl was also the panel with the bros, but seeing as she didn't participate in the Toyko bro-fest, she didn't get much input in the panel. Her favorite eats in Brooklyn, however, included Roberta's, Al Di La, and Parish Hall.

As for Aziz Ansari, he handily side-stepped the question, "Who would you f*ck, marry, and kill on this panel?" by saying he would f*ck the chicken wings he was eating. He did, however, give the best answer to a date-night soundtrack. "Boyz II Men album two is playing on loop in my house no matter what is happening."

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