Austrian Pastry Chef Protests Politics with Sugar Sculpture of 9/11 Attacks

An Austrian pastry chef built a terrorist attack diorama out of sugar
Commons/Immanuel Giel

An Austrian pastry chef made an incredibly detailed satirical replica of the September 11 terrorist attacks out of sugar. 

An Austrian pastry chef who was fed up with his country’s political situation decided to protest in arguably the most offensive way possible this week when he decided to build a big, detailed diorama of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on New York out of sugar.

According to The Local, Thomas Kienbauer used sugar to build a large model of the World Trade Center, but the two towers were labeled Social Democrats and People’s Party for the two parties currently in power as a ruling coalition. He built two planes out of sugar and labeled them for the Green party and the right-wing Freedom Party, and those planes are depicted as crashing into the towers. The sculpture is complete with flames and clouds of black smoke made of sugar.

“To really make a point, sometimes you have to exaggerate the facts,” Kienbauer said.”It’s time for change, for our children’s sake.”

Kienbauer reportedly owns the Konditorei Alexander cafe and pastry shop in Vienna where his sugar diorama can be seen. He said he originally got the idea because he noticed that this year’s election occurs on October 11, and that he did not mean to offend anybody, but hoped his sculpture would inspire people to think a little more about politics.

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