Austrian Butcher Sentenced for Starting Meth Lab

'Breaking Bad' made cooking meth look fun and profitable

An Austrian butcher started a meth lab, but was caught when he clogged a toilet with meth residue.

Breaking Bad hardly made cooking methamphetamines seem like a fun and easy way to make a bit of money, but a small-town butcher in Austria decided to give it a go recently. Unfortunately for him, he was no Heisenberg, and was arrested this week after clogging a public sewer with their cooking byproducts.

According to The Local, a 52-year-old butcher from a small town in lower Austria teamed up with an electrician friend to make one of Austria’s biggest meth labs. Together, they cooked up five and a half pounds of meth and were able to sell the drugs to supplement their retirement pensions.

Unfortunately for the would-be crime lords, they did not clean up their workspace properly, and residue from their cooking process built up in the toilet and blocked a public sewer system. When maintenance crews went to investigate the clog, they saw right away that it was a giant chemical mess and called the police, who lost no time tracking down the meth lab and arresting the cooks.

This week the butcher was sentenced to six years in prison, and the electrician was sentenced to five. 

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