Austrian Thief Makes Off With Man-Sized Sausage

A thief or thieves absconded with a 176-pound sausage

An unknown thief in Austria carried off a 176-pound sausage over the weekend.

An unknown thief scored a big haul from a local market this weekend, having snuck in during the night and absconded with a single sausage the size of a grown man.

According to The Local, the unknown thief or thieves — multiple thieves seem likely — snuck into a market stall in the small town of Sankt Michael in Austria Saturday night and somehow managed to carry off a mortadella sausage that weighed 176 pounds. Police say the purloined sausage was five feet long and 16 inches in diameter.

The Italian sausage seller who owns the market stall told police that while the stolen mortadella was very, very big, it wasn’t even the biggest sausage he had in the stall. He estimates the missing sausage was worth more than €2000, or over $2,700. Police have asked residents to call with any information about the missing sausage, but so far nobody has reported seeing anything suspicious, like men sneaking through the town in the middle of the night carrying a giant sausage.


Mortadella is made of ground pork, salt, pepper, sugar, and bacon fat, and larger ones can weigh up to approximately 220 pounds.