The Art of the Coffee Table

Because it has absolutely nothing to do with coffee

Design and decor are one half of the battle when it comes to a coffee table. What's the other half? Coffee!

Home décor is an interesting thing. Obviously, no one household is the same and everyone pulls inspiration from their own experiences and their hobbies, however, trends arise and we are here to report them.

Today we’re talking coffee tables — yes, the tables that have become sort of an ode to the members of the household through photos, colors, and that books that decorate them. We’re always swooning over nicely decorated and "put together" coffee tables in the pages of our favorite magazines and on our go-to blogs.
Since the coffee table is usually in a common area of any home, it will be seen by all guests and will be used nearly every day, so it’s essential to remember that although it’s nice to have a design aesthetic, it needs to be livable and useable as well.

The key to a beautifully decorated table starts with — you guessed it! — the actual table. While some people prefer large ottomans and textured prints, some decide on a simple glass or wooden table, a blank canvas if you will. For those who enjoy a good game night or need a spot to store a cozy couch blanket, opt for a table with a bottom storage unit.

Once you’ve decided on the table, here are a few tips to guide you on choosing a theme and visually embracing your style:

1. Seasonal Element: Whether it’s in-season blooms like May’s lush peonies or October’s welcoming sunflowers, adding something fresh to a table brings a vibrant element and gives you an opportunity to change things up.

2. Height: Bring variety to your table with items that will provide various heights. Books, magazines, and dishes can all be piled high, while candles create height all on their own.

3. Coffee? Here’s the thing about a coffee table — you actually will use it at some point to drink coffee! Whether you're entertaining guests with a hot cup of joe or snacking on popcorn and treats, keep it organized to avoid messes with a clean tray that separates the table and its décor from a potential disaster.

4. Get Personal: Whether it’s a stack of fashion books, old travel journals, or photo albums and frames, use objects that are close to you to create an inviting space that reflects a little bit about you and your family.

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What’s next? Have a cup of coffee! You deserved it!