Around the Kitchen in 3 Questions: Chef Curtis Stone

Chef Stone discusses the influence of his travels on his creative process

Chef Stone is also a host on Top Chef Masters.

The Daily Meal caught up with Australian celebrity chef Curtis Stone to learn about how his travels have influenced his work. Stone is the host of Top Chef Masters and will be at The Venetian and Palazzo in Las Vegas on July 26 and 27 as part of their three-month long Carnevale celebration to share recipes from his latest cookbook. He will be presenting from his own pop-up restaurant, which will feature a five-course tasting menu with wine pairings. For more information about Stone’s appearance and Carnevale, visit their website.

The Daily Meal: What has been your most inspirational food experience while traveling?
Curtis Stone:
I was in Buenos Aires maybe a year and a half ago and they had these things call parrillas, which is how they BBQ their meat. The way they build these parrillas is incredible and is taking me in a whole different direction for product development. They cook solely over the coal, and the temperature can change no matter how high or low you are placing the meat. The food is incredible and I ate my brains out while I was there. 

TDM: What’s your favorite kitchen souvenir from your travels?
Went to Japan recently to place called SEKI where they make knives and we met with samurai sword-makers and planning to create a line of knives. I was lucky enough to be gifted an original knife. I take it with me everywhere.


TDM: If you could eat your way through one country, which one would it be and why?
Italy. I love pasta and pizza. I would get fat in the meantime. It's the country I would eat my way through.