Arnold Schwarzenegger Cooks 80,000 Calorie Snack In His Tank

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Epic Meal Time teamed up to cook a terrifying breakfast sandwich

Arnold and the Epic Meal team show us how to create the 'Steak 'n' Egger' sandwich.

Former governator Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared on the most recent episode of Epic Meal Time to unleash upon the world an 80,000 monster of a breakfast sandwich, aptly named the “Steak ‘n’ Egger.” Instead of using chicken eggs like mere mortals, Arnold used ostrich eggs. And instead of making the sandwich in any sort of kitchen setting, Schwarzenegger did the cooking in his personal army tank, an M47 Patton, to be exact.

“This sandwich will be so meaty, it will make weaker men cry,” promises Arnold.

In fact, if you’re looking for some personal training advice, Arnold indicates which cross sections of the sandwich will pump you up.

“This section alone would build huge biceps, this section here, the calves; this is the deltoid section, this is the chest section,” says Arnold, pointing to different parts of the sandwich.

The finished sandwich boasts a “nutritional value” of 78,583 calories and 4,127 grams of fat.

The video is a promotion that Arnold is doing with Omaze to raise money for the After-School All-Stars program. If you’re looking for your own chance to cook with Schwarzenegger and Harley from Epic Meal Time, enter the contest now


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