Army of Noodle-Making Robots Infiltrating Chinese Restaurants

A chef is mass-producing these robots to sell to restaurants for around $2,000

Despite all of pop culture's fear of robots taking over the world, we don't seem to mind them taking over the restaurant industry.

A Chinese chef is mass-producing noodle-cutting robots, which basically take sheets of pasta dough and cut them into strips. Production began in March, and since then the chef has sold some 3,000 robots for about $2,000 each. According to the report, hiring a person to hand cut noodles would cost $4,700 a year. This means a restaurant will save some $2,700 in the first year alone.

Of course, some would say that this is just a fancy-looking pasta-maker with a face, and we agree. Glowing eyes aside, we're not sure if there's any artificial intelligence going on in that silver head. The noodles, on the other hand, are reportedly just as good (and look better than) human-produced cut noodles. First, sushi-making robots, and now this? We just want one to load the dishwasher for us.