Ardberg Distellery Releases 'Space' Whiskey

Move over Tang, there's a new astronaut drink in town

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Move over, Tang, there’s a new space drink in town. While the original "astronaut beverage" was marketed to kids, the new one is for adults only: whiskey. NanoRacks, a Texas-based space research organization, recently decided to send several vials of whiskey into space for two years to see if, and how, being in orbit changes the drink’s taste and molecular structure. 

The whiskey just completed its first year in orbit and, to mark the celebration, Scottish distillery Ardberg released a commemorative whiskey. Called Ardberg Galileo,  the whiskey complete with a space-themed label. Unlike Tang, Ardberg Galileo isn't the drink that's in orbit.  Instead, it’s a way for the company to make an “earthly tribute to the scientific experiment taking place far up in space,” said Dr. Bill Lumsden, the director of distilling. 

Unfortunately for those eager to try the actual whiskey that’s currently in orbit, it’s unclear whether NanoRacks intends to make the drink available to the public or not. The company hasn’t said if they’re planning to consume it in space or taste it once it comes back down to earth; the hope was that the experiment would increase knowledge about alcohol and help distilleries develop new flavors.

The Ardberg Galileo whiskey is said to be sweet and creamy with notes of smoked apricot and ripe banana. (It's sold online, but it looks to be available only for UK drinkers.) Maybe it will be the new must-have drink for those stuck on the ground.