Arby’s Runs Out of Venison Sandwiches

Arby’s was testing venison sandwiches, but they all sold out
Arby's venison sandwiches


Arby's was testing a venison sandwich that turned out to be so popular some stores ran out in 15 minutes. 

Arby’s has been testing a sandwich made of free-range, farmed venison in a small number of restaurants in deer-hunting states, and the test proved so much more popular than expected that many sold out right away.

The sandwich was planned for testing in 17 locations in six states. According to Nation’s Restaurant News, on Monday, October 31, the test began at an Arby’s in Nashville, and that unit was sold out of venison sandwiches by lunchtime. On the first day of the test in Atlanta, the sandwiches sold out in about 90 minutes, and Arby’s officials say that at some of the restaurants in Minnesota and Wisconsin, all the venison was gone in about 15 minutes. Those Arby’s received smaller numbers of the sandwiches to start with.

Arby’s said the response to the venison sandwich was much more than expected. The test was supposed to last at least three days, but some restaurants were out of their stock of deer meat in just over 15 minutes.

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The sandwich was made of a free-range venison steak marinated in garlic and topped with cranberry and fried onions. It sold for about $5. Given the success of the initial test, it seems likely that we could see them again sometime soon.