Apparently All We Need to Lose Weight Is a Little Pot

Wait, seriously?

So, not only does marijuana reportedly make prosciutto taste better, but as we previously reported, it may just help with weight loss.

A study from the Univeristy of Nebraska, the Harvard School of Public Health, and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center analyzed data from 4,600 adults, finding 12 percent who self-identified as current marijuana users.

The results? Pot smokers tended to have a smaller waist circumference than those who never used weed (factoring in age, sex, tobacoo and alcohol use, and physical activity habits).

In fact, marijuana users tended to have higher HDL levels (good cholesterol levels), lower insulin levels, and lower insulin resistance.

So while marijuana might just give you the munchies, it doesn't seem to be reflected in an increased BMI, and may even help with managing blood sugar.


In fact, past research has found that two compounds in marijuana can help the body burn more energy, and suppress appetite. Research on mice have shown that two specific compoundsin marijuana (THCV and cannavidiol) lowered the fat levels in livers and reduced cholesterol in the blood. It's not an excuse to toke up everyday, but further research may lead to obesity prevention methods.