Anthony Bourdain's First Novel to Become Movie

His first fiction novel, 'Bone in the Throat,' will be adapted to the big screen

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain will be everywhere now; the Hollywood Reporter spills that the No Reservations host's best-selling novel, Bone in the Throat, will be adapted for a movie.

The movie will be produced by Lenny Beckerman and Peter Heslop, the same co-producers behind Oscar-winner The King's Speech.

Bone in the Throat, published back in 2000, is "a wildly funny, irreverent tale of murder, mayhem, and the mob," according to the publisher. The story revolves around Tommy Pagana, a chef in Manhattan's Little Italy, who gets involved with some mafia murder at his uncle's restaurant.

Movie producers, however, decided to move the story to London, slating Graham Henman to direct and co-author the screenplay with Mark Townsend.