Anthony Bourdain’s Moving to CNN and His New Comic Book

Anthony Bourdain chef, author, and TV personality is now venturing into graphic novels and more travel TV

Anthony Bourdain is known for his distinctive personality and witty writing but now he is on the move to CNN and promoting his graphic novel Get Jiro. Bourdain chatted on air with Jimmy Fallon discussing his new ventures.

Bourdain’s first new undertaking will be the start of his new travel show on CNN. The gutsy Bourdain will be exploring locations such as the Congo River and Libya. Bourdain shared that he is excited to be able to take part. The new show will begin filming in November, until then Bourdain will still be hosting his current shows No Reservations and The Layover.

Bourdain dreamt up his new graphic novel Get Jiro as a reflection of his childhood interest in comic books. Bourdain’s Get Jiro focuses on an alternate universe where chefs rule that a proper dining choice is a vital life decision. Despite the graphic novel’s light readability, it also shares dining information such as sushi etiquette. The graphic novel is fun for food lovers and common diners alike.

It will be available at comic book stores on June 27 and mainstream book stores on July 3. Jimmy Fallon describes the novel as “only [could] be from the awesome brain of Anthony Bourdain.”